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Why choose Pro Connect Coaching

In soccer an ounce of intelligence is worth more than a pound of muscle!!

Pro Connect Coaching is a professional training program that provides a place of study for students where top soccer is taught. We train hundreds of players yearly. These year round programs and courses aim to promote, develop and maintain high standards of development in its particular field.

We develop stimulation through game related awareness play and sharp technical exercises.  We don't believe in over instruction through too many time consuming drills! We deliver fast paced realistic games and exercises that challenge the mind and body!

We are a place where individuals and teams attend in order to achieve a better level of soccer education.

We are a high level technical coaching program, which has been specially designed for youth players to enhance the development of technique, and ultimately making technique into a game effective skill.

Teams, parents and players come to us in search of additional high level training and development.  We are a leading professional training and development organization that specializes in the development of teams and players from any club, anywhere and in anyway they are formed.  We work with anyone who wants to develop their club, team, players or own children further.

All of our player development programs are specifically designed in a European Technical format to identify and correct potential technical weaknesses, improve and develop each player's qualities, and most importantly... develop the player's confidence to compete at a higher level.

The curriculum is based on developing the overall player and teaches players to solve problems in all areas of the field. Through our constantly updated curriculum we can ensure that attending players and coaches receive the most up-to-date technical training available.

We are a training school that is professionally run and offers a program that is of a high level with a tremendous training and teaching method.

Our desired outcome is for each player to master skills, learn the game of soccer, and fuel a passion for the game.  If we can accomplish these simple tasks then the Academy schools and the players training within it will be a success

We truly are a leader in soccer development.  If you want what is best for your young soccer athlete then please really consider this training program as your development plan going forward for years to come.

We provide a year round technical development plan to all aspiring dedicated soccer players that are playing u7-u18 soccer in Minnesota and beyond.  All our age group trainers are true technical specialists.

We strongly feel that our training products will push and drive the soccer athlete further than any other program out there.  We are disciplined, organised and demanding! We have the complete package.

Year after year we have worked with teams and individuals helping them compete again and again at the top level. Often making it to state finals and winning division championships.

Training is provided for any and all players or teams that are looking for extra quality soccer development in addition of their own team or club training programs. We develop and help players become stronger and move on forward with the game they enjoy.  We are a development program that is always looking to build strong players.

Building profound technical excellence.

Lets teach our young players in the 'GOLDEN AGES OF LEARNING'  8-12 really what they need to become to be a better all round ball technician.  Its not all about how many moves did a player learn!  Too many other soccer companies and coaches out there spend too much on this! Lets get real, while this is exciting to see it rarely happens and within a very limited amount of quality players.  Rarely will these young players pull off these so called high level moves in a game. While these are good to develop and try to teach, please dont teach 8-12 yrd olds kids this all the time. Especially when they cannot even control a ball or pass a ball properly.  Moderation is key!

In these early phases of development it should be more about how are they developing their quality of passing and first touch. How are they manipulating the ball, are they comfortable in possession? Can they turn and change direction with pace and speed and then lay off a pass or attack the space in front? Is their vision, speed of play, movement and communication becoming more apparent?

We can better spend our training time working on these aspects of development rather than teaching things to them that they don't really need and will not use at the young stages.

As they get older and become more technically sound we can work on some of these higher level 1v1 attacking moves when they hit their teens and start becoming a more proficient player, but only if they are comfortable enough in the other aspects of their technique and skill development.


Player benefits

  • Accelerate becoming a great player. Our high level development plan will supplement a player’s training all year round.  

  • Be trained by UEFA, NSCAA and USSF federation licensed coaches that are coaching College, Premier, Elite and ODP level teams and players. Our coaches come with experience either playing professionally or coaching in the UK, European or other global youth academies. 

  • Work very closely with our high level skilled technicians that have really played the game in order to elevate your game.

  • Get taught a world class curriculum designed to deliver the best training methods. 

  • Receive video analysis breakdown of technical weaknesses.

  • We structure according to a player’s strengths, weaknesses and developmental needs.

  • Focus is on an individual or small group of players that is not always possible in a team setting

  • Maximum attention and players will benefit with more touches and involvement.

  • With a ratio of between 1-6 players to 1 trainer the intensity and overall speed of development in training will be higher.