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Our high level training curriculum is based on developing the overall player and teaches players to solve problems in all areas of the field. Through our training we can ensure that attending players receive the technical training they need. Players are always pushed forward and are expected to strive for excellence, correct their technical weaknesses, improve and develop qualities and most importantly develop their confidence to compete at a higher level. 

If numbers are there and if needed each age group will be divided into two groups during the first session.

If program group has low numbers in each level and gender then we will combine the genders and levels if needed. Thank you.

We are hoping and aiming for two groups in each age group and gender. 

Tier 1: Our 'Elite Academy', for the more advanced player

Tier 2: Our 'Center of Excellence', for the intermediate level player. 

Level requirement of attending players

Our camp curriculum is designed to be quite demanding both technically and physically. Therefore we ask all players signing up to be an upper level or intermediate level player. 

With the advanced training format we ask that players attending need to be able to have necessary ability and skills to train in this environment.

If we find that players are not quite suited to this training program we can recommend other training programs within our model that would best suited to improve players level. 

Training details

  1. Technical Development, (Formation of new movements)
    1. Advanced dynamic technical training
  • Skill Development (Application of Technique to Skill)
    • ​​​​​​​Functional training to develop application 
  • Individual Tactics(1v1) 
    • 1v1 and 2v2 Attack and Defend Exercises
  • Group Play Tactics (Combination/Overloads) 
    • ​​​​​​​Small sided overload possession to improve quick technique, decision making and field awareness. 
  • Tactical instruction: (How do we setup)
    • 7v7, 9v9 and 11v11 coached games​​​​​​​

Dates for your 12 session training program

Mondays:            November 30   December 7, 14, 21   January 4, 11

Wednesdays:      December  2, 9, 16   January 6, 13.  (Extra session will be added into your schedule prior to January 13.)

Times and ages for BOYS training

We will accept a maximum of 8 players in each age / gender range

5:15-6:30pm   2011-2009 BOYS:        

6:30-7:45pm   2008-2006 BOYS: 

7:45-9pm        2005-2003 BOYS:




Drayton Hall Fields

Times and ages for GIRLS training

We will accept a maximum of 8 players in each age / gender range

5:15-6:30pm   2011-2009 GIRLS:        

6:30-7:45pm   2008-2006 GIRLS: 

7:45-9pm        2005-2003 GIRLS:




Drayton Hall Fields

Coaching Staff

George Tambakis, 

Temoc Suarez, Patrick Olalere,  

CJ Macauley,  JJ Comert Pehlivan

Questions or Quiries?

Technical Director

George Tambakis

Phone: 404.542.7906