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Pro Connect Coaching's Charitable Foundation

We are excited to announce that we have been given permission to hold a separate 501c3 status.

We have an EIN number now and are ready to get to work!

Want to start giving?

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We will provide you with our EIN number.

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To provide kids a world class soccer environment to help reach their highest potential. 


Develop a culture that removes barriers and continues to foster an enriching experience.


  1. Integrity and respect, always.
  2. Dedication to being your best
  3. Trustworthy stewardship of resources

We will aid in the overall development of children's prosperity in the poorest parts of Ghana, West Africa.

We are currently working and supporting a soccer program there called the Cape Coast Strikers!

Dream, Believe and Achieve!

All donations help with shipping and delivery of all items.

Over the course of the year we collect in cleats, balls, soccer equipment etc and twice a year we ship out to our sources who use the items in their school and after school programs. 

You have various donation options:

Platinum $100

Gold $50

Silver $25

Bronze $10

You can always donate more if you wish.

All donors will be sent our NON PROFIT TAX ID number for their tax records. 

Thank you


Picture here to the left and above is one of many amounts we have sent or continue to aim to send over to our outreach program in Accra, Ghana. 

Your donation will help massively.

Items to include but not limited to:




Jerseys and Shorts

Pennies, Training Vests


Ladders and Hurdles