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u15-u16 Training Objectives

u15-u16 Training Objectives


11v11; two 40-minute halves; 80’ x 120’ field; 8’ x 24’ goals.

Playing Time: Need opportunity to play, C1 more competitive and playing time will not be equal; C2
and C3 time should be closer to equal.
Formation: 4-4-2, 3-5-2, 3-4-3, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1,  be creative and play several formations.
Practice Time: Four times per week, which includes games (1 hour, 30 minutes maximum)
Objectives: Skill development, tactical awareness, increased speed of play.

Skills should be mastered – under match conditions. Increase technical speed.

It is important the
technique is still highly emphasized at this age.

Strike balls cleanly over distance with accuracy under


• Dribbling: Encourage players to take on 1 v 1 – feints/moves;

keep possession-shielding/spin turns.


• Receiving: Quality first touch - take balls out the air/turning;

all surfaces, on the run.

  • Shooting: On the run; on the turn; from all angles/crosses, volleys.

• Passing: Short, long, bent, crosses, driven, chipped –

all surfaces, all on the run.

  • Heading: To goal, to pass, to clear.
  • Tackling: Proper technique, slide.

Footwork, position, general ball handling techniques,

shot stopping, catch or deflect, recovery
saves, support, communication, pressure on and off the ball, presence,

organizing and defending set plays.

Tactical: Increase tactical speed (decision making)

Keep possession with a purpose – width, depth, support.

Combination play - wall pass, take
over, overlap, double pass, third man running.

Penetration; mobility / creativity; crossing with proper
runs in the box; set plays.


Compactness; delay; tracking back;

communication (who, what, when, where); dictate the
play with defending; set plays.

Small Sided Games: 3v3, 4v4, 7v7
This is a critical time in the player’s development.