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u11-u12 Training Objectives



9v9; two 25-minute halves; 60’ x 80’ field; 6’ x 18’ goals

Playing Time: As equal as possible; players to rotate to some positions. As always, practice = play.
Formation: 2-3-2-1 (NSCAA recommends), 3-3-2, 3-2-1-2.
Practice Time: Three times per week, which includes games (1 hour, 30 minutes maximum)
Objectives: Skill development, basic principles of play, establish discipline, have fun, play.

• Establish a solid base. Develop individual skills under the pressure of time, space,

and an
opponent. Increase technical speed.


• Dribbling: Encourage risk taking, moves to beat an opponent, keep possession,

shielding, change speed,
change direction. Moves, i.e., pullbacks, stepovers.

  • Receiving: Ground and air balls. All surfaces.
  • Shooting: Proper striking technique, partner serves from all angles.

• Passing: Proper technique- laces, inside, outside; short and long;

crossing, i.e., lofting, driven and chipped.

  • Heading: Self serve – partner serves.
  • Tackling: Proper technique.
Goalkeeping: Set position; general handling, basic communications, 1v1 principles.

Basic principles of play. Play variety of positions

– develop an awareness/complete player. Promote
attacking soccer – play 2-3-2 (NSCAA recommends).

Attacking: 1 v 1; support, combination play; wall pass, take over, overlap.
Defending: proper pressure; channel player, immediate chase; pressure/cover training.
Small Sided Games: 2v1, 2v2, 3v1, 3v2, 3v3.
This is the “golden age of learning” and the most important age for skill development.