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u9-u10 Training Objectives


Game: 7v7; two 25-minute halves; 40’ x 60’ field; 6’ x 8’ goals. No scores recorded.
Playing Time:

As equal as possible with rotations to all positions.

Every player should play every position during the season.

As at every level, practice = play.

Formation: 3-3-1.
Practice Time: Two times per week, which includes games (1 hour, 15 minutes maximum)
Objectives: Skill development, basic principles of play, fun.
Technical: Focus on developing individual technique. 75% of practice should be spent on technique.

• Dribbling: Encourage risk taking, ball juggling; mastery of ball – left and right foot.

Speed, turning and sole of foot.

  • Receiving: Control and receiving pass heavily emphasized and correct surface.
  • Shooting: Proper striking technique.

• Passing: Proper technique- laces, inside, outside; short and long.

Control body shape and direction.

  • Heading: Self serve – partner serves. Proper technique.
  • Tackling: Proper technique.
Goalkeeping: Teach basic skills.

Teach basic principles of play. Play variety of positions

– develop an awareness/complete player. Promote attacking soccer.

Attacking: 1 v 1; encourage flair and risk taking.
Defending: Learn depth and cover as well as width
Small Sided Games: Play 2v1, 2v2, 2v3, 3v3.